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It’s been long time I haven’t done a blog but I am back with a lot for you guys! Sp I’ve decided everyday I’ll be posting one blog as I have a lot for you guys!

So, I recently received some gorgeous kurtis from ADA Chikan, it is a store where you would get beautiful chikankari embroided suits, sarees, kurtis and a lot more.


Most of you would know what chikankari is but let me breif you all what it is. So, Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India. Beleived to have been introduced by Noor Jehan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jhangir, it is one of Lucnkow’s best known textile decoration.

Below I am sharing some motifs of emboidery of chikankari.

I receibed 3 kurtis one of which I would be feuturing in the blog-

It is a beautiful red and black kurti with emboidery done all over it. I paired it up with a black palazzo from Biba India and LAAL CHOORI (Red Bangles).



Red Bangles have a great significance in Indian culture. A bangle is one of the most important ornament that Indian women wear.

Firozabad city is known for it’s glass and bangle works which is the most shopped product by tourist and local people from markets of Firozabad. The city is the central hub to many glass manufacturing industries. and also many small scale glass related industries.

From a child to an old person, they all know the process of glass making. There are small tiny lanes with dim lights inside where people work to create these beautiful bangles. By the time the kids start having their senses they are taught to create bangles. This is such an irony that a dark room with a dim light and kind hands working create so beautiful masterpieces.


Also, I am sharing the pictures from my look and how I paired my Kurti. If you guys have any suggestion you are free to contact me on

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Shoot Details:

kurti- Ad Chikan, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Palazzo- Biba India

Bnagles- Local Market in Delhi

Black Block Heels

Photography: Sahaj Singh, instagram handle- beard.and.lipstick

Location Courtesy: Lodhi Garden, New Delhi



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Empowering The Pink

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear PINK? There are thousands of thoughts with thousands of minds reading this.


When I hear pink, I see Power, I hear the roar of a lioness screaming and telling the whole world that she has the power to change the world. Each women in this whole planet is a WARRIOR!! She has the potential to push herself to an extreme limit and she has already conquered.

You all must be thinking why I am writing this blog. I am not going to make you guys wait any more. I came across a very sad trend going on which I witnessed on Instagram i.e one women abusing, degrading and demolishing the image of another women in front of everyone even if she does not know her personally giving lame comments, judging and showing that even in today’s world we cannot empower women because another women is standing there to push you down.

Although it might seem very normal to some as you would think that in a democratic country like India you are free to throw your opinion and it’s fine if you say something without even thinking twice. But, do we really need to be negative? Why can’t we lift each other up.

I don’t understand why some random stranger lashes out at you with hatred. Is it really necessary? How is someone going to be his or her own self when people have a list of things they don’t like about you and somehow you end up thinking- do I really need to change. NOO!! The answer is a big no. Don’t let one phrase poison you, don’t take it harder on yourself. Just think that people don’t talk about normal people instead they think about exceptional people that yes sweetheart that’s YOU- 😉

So now this is to each and every girl and boy, make it a point we need to have some discipline once we are on a social media platform. We need not talk rubbish about anyone cause it’ gonna make you look stupid.

Let each women empower other women and as we all know the power of PINK is really great. When we unite we do wonders.

So guys let’s start the change by a small step forward use the hashtag #womenempowerwomen and share this post as much as you can and all you gotta do is head to my Instagram- @beard.and.lipstick and repost this post, post a picture of yourself wearing pink tag us and let the world know what you think about social media harassment and how are you gonna stop it.

I hope this small effort by me would get a smile on each of your’s face. So why wait let’s start.

Much Love



Valentine’s Day Lookbook- Sahaj & Jasmine

Valentine’s Day is just another day to us. We decided very early that we won’t express our love on just a particular day. So, what we do on Valentine’s Day is just spend a little more time with one another and try not to fight on silly things.

Yes, we do love to dress up nicely on Valentine’s Day also this blog is for all who are wondering what to wear on Valentine’s Day.

We have created 4 looks for different type of celebration from really casual to a formal one.

So let’s start.


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Guys the amazing photography is done by Saumya Gupta, a freelance photographer from Maharaja Agrasen College. She has an online photography page on Instagram- Snapbyte. She is really enthusiastic and loves her work. Follow her on instagram to know more.

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There can be no better day to wear these super cute captioned themes which say he is the king and she is the queen!!

We got these lovely tees from Amritsar, India while on a trip and since then we are wondering when to wear these.



Jeans- Lifestyle Stores

Shoes- Adidas

King Captioned Tee- Amritsar


Jeans- Levis

Shoes- H&M

Queen Captioned Tee- Amritsar

It’s a very casual look you just have to grab your pants on and wear these cute tees and you are ready!




Okay, so what we did in this look is quite casual yet formal. We decided to team up pink and played with it.



Shirt- H&M

Trousers- Lifestyle Stores

Shoes & Belt- Bought it from an online store


Short Kurti- Sabhyata

Culottes- Rajouri Garden Market

Block Heels- Rajouri Garden Market

Leaf Jhumkas- Incense, Rajouri Garden




This was a super quick yet smart look, where in he wanted to keep it smart and casual she wanted to be quite playful.



Black Tee- Bangkok

Red Check Shirt- Forever 21

Denim Jacket- Max Fashion

Jeans- Lifestyle Stores


White Rose Patched Shirt- Incense, Rajouri Garden Market

Check Skirt- Bangkok

Mesh Dress- Bangkok

Block Heels- Rajouri Garden Market

Hat- 99 Store




Soooo, Guys we are a huge fan of Vintage Looks, so this V-Day why not go all grand and vintage? And so here is the look.



White Shirt- Lifestyle Stores

Black Trouser- Westside Stores

Belt and Shoes- Online Shopping on Instagram

Cape- Incense, Rajouri Garden Market

Muffler- Mount Abu

Hat- 99 store


Top- Flea Market in Delhi

Skirt- Incense, Rajouri Graden Market

Bracelet- Gifted by Granny

Hair Accessory- Bangkok

So guys this is it for the valentines day outfit ideas. We would be coming up with a lot lot lot more. Hope you all liked it. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow us.


Open Letter to all in LOVE

IMG_1888That romantic playlist, butterflies in stomach, spark in eyes- each of us has felt this. What actually happens when we are in love or maybe attracted towards someone?

You treat them as if they have a heart like yours, but not everyone can be as tender as you. You don’t see the person they are, you see the person they have the potential to be. You give and give till they have taken everything out of you and you are left empty.

You never realize but when you are head over heels in love you give, and give so much that you forget how precious you are. And when you are left with so less of you, you suddenly realize what all you have been doing was soon going to be erased. The one whom you gave so much, loved so much has started taking you for granted. And this is where the journey to DISCOVER YOURSELF starts. Your mum has gone through those NINE TOUGHEST MONTHS for you to come in this world, you daddy sacrificed those new shoes and wore those torn shoes, so you can get a good education and become successful one day.

Do you still think you are not worth loving? Still think you deserve someone who would miss you just when they need you? Someone who looks at you with a shine in their eyes when they expect something out of you? Someone who bursts out at you with HATE when they are angry. You are a diamond, you are not meant to be broken. We all have a weakness, don’t let people become your weakness.

The biggest secret of a happy life is loving yourself before someone else. Don’t let yourself drown in that emotional sea of thoughts and hate rather get up and count your blessings, love the ones who had been your well wishers throughout. Don’t waste your worthy time on someone who doesn’t know who you are deep inside your heart.

Think about yourself and your loved ones, before falling for someone. Will that person stand with you, even on the darkest nights?

I hope everyone would be able to relate to this somehow, Let go things that stop you from being happy. It’s difficult, just lock yourself in a room for one day and forget it. You are precious. The world is looking out for you. Go rock the way.




New Year’s Eve Lookbook

Heyyy guys!! So finally the last day of 2017 has arrived, it was such a great year with so many good memories. Celebration is on✨ and we are ready for the party!!

So I’ve come up with a lookbook to reduce the chaos for all the prettt girls out there who are struggling to decide what to wear and what not to. Without any long introductions let’s start


The Chic Look

So the first look is a very girly look where I have paired a black net top with a bralette and a lovely black and white skirt with golden heels, you can carry black block heels with this and you are good to go. 



In this look I have paired a black pencil skirt with a neon pink strappy top with golden heels and black leather jacket. Tie your hairs into a low ponytail and you are the slayer. 



This is my personal favourite look. In this one I have paired a blue denim jeans with a black net shirt and a netted black dress and a golden pencil heels. This look would gain you attention of all at the party and you are gonna rock. 



Layering at it’s best in this look with a striped culottes paired with black top and a black poncho with a brown belt and golden pencil heels and here you go. The sassy game changer. 



And last look ends on a glamorous note. A shimmery black fitted dress with a black coat can never go wrong. The hottest look for the party. 

GIRLIESS, comment and like if you like the lookbook and do let me know if you have some suggestions. I’ve tried created something on the last day so there are no regrets. Love you all enjoyyy.

Happy New Year loveliess❤️

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Zoctr- Your doctor is one touch away!

A big hello to all lovely people out there. Today the blog is very special as I am going to tell you all about this amazing newly launched app- ZOCTR.

A God to human is a Doctor. And the greatest part is when the doctor is just a touch away! Okay so by now all of you must have one similar question- WHAT IS ZOCTR ALL ABOUT? So here I am telling you all about it.

Zoctr is India’s number one Home Health App. Just one touch and your home health partner is at your doorsteps. If any of your loved one is unwell and unable to visit the doctor outside now you need not worry, you just need to click once on your smartphones and here is the Medical Help.


The app is really helpful and after reading how it helps you I am sure the first thing all of you would do is download Zoctr from your android and IOS phones.

  1. You can book qualified, skilled and verified Home care nurses, attendants and doctors.
  2. In a few simple steps you can book physiotherapists and medical equipment.
  3. Now, location is also not an issue as this app has in-built GPS and you can find your location instantly and match up with hundreds of verified medical professionals meeting your requirement.
  4. You get real time confirmations and detailed staff profiles.
  5. Not only this, you can schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.
  6. You can manage your bookings by Renewing, Holding and Stopping bookings on the go.
  7. Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members.
  8. Track staff real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS-tracking support.
  9. Provide staff daily attendance, rating and escalate issues immediately using support.
  10. Make online payments using, PayTm, Gateway and Digital Wallets.

And last but not the least, a NEW FEATURE of this app is-

Real-time location identification and staff tracking using in-built GPS.


-Download the app- Zoctr from your android and IOS phones.

IMG_8473 (1)

-Enter patient details.

unnamed (2)

-Choose the service you want to avail


-Enter the service details and confirm booking.


And here you go. 🙂


I used this app personally and felt this is an app I can rely on blindly. Mine and my family’s healthcare is very important to me and trusting Zoctr is the best decision I have made.

I would recommend this app to all of you as it is super easy to use it and you can be tension-free. So why wait? Hurry guys! and download Zoctr for your loved ones. I feel this is the best gift for your loved ones.

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Love You All!

Stronger and Smooth Hair With Pantene. #TelKoTelLagao


Hi all lovely people. It’s a tough job nowadays to have frizz-free and strong hair. Pantene came up with a new product.

Pantene brings to India an international solution to end the hassles of oiling – the New Pantene Oil Replacement.

Long oiling hours will now be history! It is a rich and creamy product – which can be used on both damp and dry hair. The New Pantene Oil Replacement has Pro-V and goodness of oils; giving you 2X stronger hair hassle-free.

Saying bye to dry, damaged and frizzy hair, I took on to Pantene.

Saying bye to dry, damaged hair like this:


I welcome my new lovely hair:


Pantene PRO_V has many features like

  • It gives you 2 x stronger hairs than ordinary hair oil, without the hassles.
  • Its creamy, non-sticky formula that takes seconds to apply.
  • Apply evenly along the lengths of your hair and get rid of frizziness.
  • No need to rinse and after application you are all set to rock.
  • For best results use on wet hair post shower.


It is very simple to use this product and mainly comprises of three main steps-

-Rub a walnut-sized amount between the palms of your hands

-Distribute it evenly through the lengths of your damp or dry hair

And here you have 2X stronger hair.

Pantene Oil Replacement comes in a pretty long golden tube with a flip cap. It is available in two sizes and this 80ml bottle is perfect to carry around easily. It’s a normal tube and I like the get-up. It is an oil replacement cream so it has a smooth thick creamy consistency which glides well on hair. Cream looks white in color and it gets absorbed quickly without making hair oily or sticky.

This is an amazing product and has a mesmerizing smell that lasts longer.

To sum up, this product is a complete steal and every girl should have this in their wardrobe.