The Saree Fusion

So a big hello to everyone. This is my first blog, The Saree Fusion. I hope you guys would like it. Do let me know about your reviews in the comment section below. Gone are the days when we wore the basic saree. We always find a modern way out to everything be it the musical traps or or the way to drape a saree. It’s all fusion in air. Recently, I wore a Fusion Saree in a fashion show. I was confused if the look would rock but it turned out to be super stylish. And compliments rained. What I added to the Fusion Saree was a Pagri. 

So let me explain what a Fusion Saree is. A saree drapes over a jeans, a jegging, a legging, shorts or any other sort of lower except petticoat can be named as a Fusion Saree. 

Fashion is all about a change, creating new styles and last but not the least carry yourself with confident✨


1. Try to keep the pants simple.

2. Wear an edgy watch to add glamour.

3. A high ponytail or a classy hairstyle would give you a rocking look.

4. Wear beautiful block heels or any footwear which is comfortable and easy to go.

I am sharing my pictures for the look. Do let me know what are your views. If you know other ways to style the saree do let me know in the comments section. Keep showing love guys..✨


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