Zoctr- Your doctor is one touch away!

A big hello to all lovely people out there. Today the blog is very special as I am going to tell you all about this amazing newly launched app- ZOCTR.

A God to human is a Doctor. And the greatest part is when the doctor is just a touch away! Okay so by now all of you must have one similar question- WHAT IS ZOCTR ALL ABOUT? So here I am telling you all about it.

Zoctr is India’s number one Home Health App. Just one touch and your home health partner is at your doorsteps. If any of your loved one is unwell and unable to visit the doctor outside now you need not worry, you just need to click once on your smartphones and here is the Medical Help.


The app is really helpful and after reading how it helps you I am sure the first thing all of you would do is download Zoctr from your android and IOS phones.

  1. You can book qualified, skilled and verified Home care nurses, attendants and doctors.
  2. In a few simple steps you can book physiotherapists and medical equipment.
  3. Now, location is also not an issue as this app has in-built GPS and you can find your location instantly and match up with hundreds of verified medical professionals meeting your requirement.
  4. You get real time confirmations and detailed staff profiles.
  5. Not only this, you can schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.
  6. You can manage your bookings by Renewing, Holding and Stopping bookings on the go.
  7. Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members.
  8. Track staff real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS-tracking support.
  9. Provide staff daily attendance, rating and escalate issues immediately using support.
  10. Make online payments using, PayTm, Gateway and Digital Wallets.

And last but not the least, a NEW FEATURE of this app is-

Real-time location identification and staff tracking using in-built GPS.


-Download the app- Zoctr from your android and IOS phones.

IMG_8473 (1)

-Enter patient details.

unnamed (2)

-Choose the service you want to avail


-Enter the service details and confirm booking.


And here you go. 🙂


I used this app personally and felt this is an app I can rely on blindly. Mine and my family’s healthcare is very important to me and trusting Zoctr is the best decision I have made.

I would recommend this app to all of you as it is super easy to use it and you can be tension-free. So why wait? Hurry guys! and download Zoctr for your loved ones. I feel this is the best gift for your loved ones.

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Love You All!


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