Open Letter to all in LOVE

IMG_1888That romantic playlist, butterflies in stomach, spark in eyes- each of us has felt this. What actually happens when we are in love or maybe attracted towards someone?

You treat them as if they have a heart like yours, but not everyone can be as tender as you. You don’t see the person they are, you see the person they have the potential to be. You give and give till they have taken everything out of you and you are left empty.

You never realize but when you are head over heels in love you give, and give so much that you forget how precious you are. And when you are left with so less of you, you suddenly realize what all you have been doing was soon going to be erased. The one whom you gave so much, loved so much has started taking you for granted. And this is where the journey to DISCOVER YOURSELF starts. Your mum has gone through those NINE TOUGHEST MONTHS for you to come in this world, you daddy sacrificed those new shoes and wore those torn shoes, so you can get a good education and become successful one day.

Do you still think you are not worth loving? Still think you deserve someone who would miss you just when they need you? Someone who looks at you with a shine in their eyes when they expect something out of you? Someone who bursts out at you with HATE when they are angry. You are a diamond, you are not meant to be broken. We all have a weakness, don’t let people become your weakness.

The biggest secret of a happy life is loving yourself before someone else. Don’t let yourself drown in that emotional sea of thoughts and hate rather get up and count your blessings, love the ones who had been your well wishers throughout. Don’t waste your worthy time on someone who doesn’t know who you are deep inside your heart.

Think about yourself and your loved ones, before falling for someone. Will that person stand with you, even on the darkest nights?

I hope everyone would be able to relate to this somehow, Let go things that stop you from being happy. It’s difficult, just lock yourself in a room for one day and forget it. You are precious. The world is looking out for you. Go rock the way.





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