Empowering The Pink

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear PINK? There are thousands of thoughts with thousands of minds reading this.


When I hear pink, I see Power, I hear the roar of a lioness screaming and telling the whole world that she has the power to change the world. Each women in this whole planet is a WARRIOR!! She has the potential to push herself to an extreme limit and she has already conquered.

You all must be thinking why I am writing this blog. I am not going to make you guys wait any more. I came across a very sad trend going on which I witnessed on Instagram i.e one women abusing, degrading and demolishing the image of another women in front of everyone even if she does not know her personally giving lame comments, judging and showing that even in today’s world we cannot empower women because another women is standing there to push you down.

Although it might seem very normal to some as you would think that in a democratic country like India you are free to throw your opinion and it’s fine if you say something without even thinking twice. But, do we really need to be negative? Why can’t we lift each other up.

I don’t understand why some random stranger lashes out at you with hatred. Is it really necessary? How is someone going to be his or her own self when people have a list of things they don’t like about you and somehow you end up thinking- do I really need to change. NOO!! The answer is a big no. Don’t let one phrase poison you, don’t take it harder on yourself. Just think that people don’t talk about normal people instead they think about exceptional people that yes sweetheart that’s YOU- 😉

So now this is to each and every girl and boy, make it a point we need to have some discipline once we are on a social media platform. We need not talk rubbish about anyone cause it’ gonna make you look stupid.

Let each women empower other women and as we all know the power of PINK is really great. When we unite we do wonders.

So guys let’s start the change by a small step forward use the hashtag #womenempowerwomen and share this post as much as you can and all you gotta do is head to my Instagram- @beard.and.lipstick and repost this post, post a picture of yourself wearing pink tag us and let the world know what you think about social media harassment and how are you gonna stop it.

I hope this small effort by me would get a smile on each of your’s face. So why wait let’s start.

Much Love




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